Cannula Processing

Revolutionize your way to the optimal cannula with PaceTec

PaceTec is the innovation leader in the processing of cannulas and comparable medical products. We accept the challenge of redefining the status quo on the market through better and more efficient processes and wish to change the entire industry in the long term. We drive the future for better products, cleaner processes and clear patient benefits.

As of today, cannulas are mechanically punched, ground and blasted with glass beads or sand. This always leads to the formation of burrs on the cannula, which cannot be completely removed in the subsequent processes. With glass bead blasting there is also a risk that glass beads will block the cannula and get stuck there. At the end of the manufacturing process, siliconization takes place, which improves the sliding properties. The problem with silicone is that it stays in the body and settles there.

Medizintechnik Kanüle Nahaufnahme

Manufacturer advantages through the PaceTec process for cannulas

PaceTec Icon Prozesssicherheit

Process security

PaceTec Icon Gratfreiheit

Free of burrs

PaceTec Icon Spülung

Only rinsing steps necessary

PaceTec Icon Validierbarkeit


PaceTec Icon Einstechverhalten

Improved piercing behavior

PaceTec Icon Kontaktlos


PaceTec Icon Steuerbarkeit


PaceTec Icon Flexibilität


(geometry, surface, material)

PaceTec Icon Prozessstabilität

Process stability

PaceTec Icon Keine-Reinigungsschritte-notwendig

Other cleaning steps unnecessary

Innovative solutions for the perfect cannula

We map the following process steps for cannula production. Customers also have the option of applying further process steps without additional transport to downstream machines.

PaceTec Cannula Processing Step 1 to 5
PaceTec Cannula Processing Step 6 to 9

Surface textures of cannula tubes

Surface structure of individual pipe sections can be adjusted electrochemically:

  • optical marking
  • Improved adhesion when pasting
  • Optimization of the gliding properties
Kanüle-Oberflächenbehandlung Sandgestrahlt
Sandblasted surfaces
Kanüle-Oberflächenbehandlung Elektrochemisch
full flexibility with our Electrochemically treated surfaces

Benefits for patients

The innovative process for manufacturing cannulas has not only economic but also direct advantages for patients:

  • Exact dosing of medication/hormone sticks injected via cannulas
  • No damage to red blood cells (e.g. during dialysis)
  • Lower puncture forces (e.g. with high sensitivity to pain)
  • No deposits of silicone in the body, as siliconization is not necessary
Vorteile-für-Patienten Geringere Einstichkräfte für empfindliche Patienten

Complete mapping of the common guidelines

PaceTec supports you in creating the necessary documents for machine qualification:

  • Development of quality plans and complete documentation
  • Development of a qualification concept and the associated test documentation
  • Carrying out risk analyzes (FMEAs)
  • Qualification according to customer specifications or international standards (GMP; GAMP5)
  • Elaboration of design documents for qualification (FDS; SDS; HDS; configuration specification)
  • Conducting qualification tests (DQ; IQ; OQ; PQ)

Our customers are absolutely delighted with the results and benefits of our machines

The puncture forces are significantly lower than with our previous method and therefore a real advantage for our customer’s patients.

The diverse process controls allow us to validate all parameters and are a real advantage in being able to deliver consistently high quality.

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