Manual to fully automated wet benches

Individual process solution

PaceTec is highly process-focused. With our individually adaptable and proven PaceTec machine concept, we offer exactly the solution that exactly reflects the requirements of our customers. We rely on solutions that have already been implemented as well as customer-specific developments.

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Exhaust system

PaceTec’s innovative exhaust air system allows extraction at individual points without additional pipes.

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Our decades of process know-how always leads to solutions which fulfil (or exceed) the requirements. 

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Individual adaptations from our modular system to customer specifications and full process control.

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Data exchange with the customer’s MES and connection to the customer’s intralogistics possible.

Manual wet bench

Maximum flexibility in minimum space. For manual operation with little automation. Perfect for pre-production and proof-of-principle development.

  • For small output quantities
  • With very long process times
  • For full flexibility
  • For developer wet benches
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Semi-automatic wet bench

This combined machine enables an efficient workflow of the wet-chemical processes, which are based on the respective requirements. Optimal interaction between manual and automated stations ensures maximum efficiency.

  • With medium output quantities
  • For hazardous chemicals
  • with recurring osciallation in the process tank
PaceTec Dratgitter-Grafik Nassbank Semi-Auto

Fully automatic wet bench

This system enables individually process sequences designed for high volume production. The carriers are automatically transported within the equipment according to the process recipe.  

  • For large output quantities
  • With variable process times
  • fully automated including substrate/ carrier feeding
PaceTec Dratgitter-Grafik Nassbank Automatisch

Individual specifications

All of our systems can be customized, regardless of the degree of automation, in order to be able to map customer requirements. A selection of of possible options: 

  • supply of various chemicals
  • body made of PVDF; PVC; stainless steel
  • FM 4910 compatible material
  • recirculation circuit
  • ultrasonic integration
  • Adjustable heating/cooling basin
  • Spray guns for nitrogen or DI/VE water
  • basin made of PVDF; PP; PFA; ECTFE; Stainless steel;…
  • Quick Drain (QDR)
  • suction management
  • wastewater management
  • ATEX / Semi / GMP compliant
  • level sensors
  • Intermediate pan with overflow protection
  • integrated suction system
  • and much more

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