Medical Technology & Pharma

With the PaceTec machines, a wide variety of wet-chemical processes are carried out in the pharmaceutical/medical technology sector, which can take place both in the clean room and in the grey room. When installed in the clean room, the ejection from the clean room is no longer necessary and thus ensures that the parts can be quickly reused in the machines or the subsequent processes.

Possible applications in the field of medical technology & pharmaceuticals:

  • Surface cleaning of implants
  • Surface cleaning of surgical instruments
  • Etching and cleaning of dental implants
  • Surface cleaning of parts that come into contact with the product in the clean room (workpiece carriers, format parts of powder dispensers, capsule filling machines,
  • Tablet presses, assembly machines, filling systems, needle manufacturing,…)

Requirements in the industry

Our service for the special requirements of the pharmaceutical / medical technology market:

  • Early development of process understanding
  • Development of quality plans and complete documentation
  • Development of a qualification concept and the associated test documentation
  • Carrying out risk analyzes (FMEAs)
  • Qualification according to customer specifications or international standards (GMP; GAMP5)
  • Elaboration of design documents for qualification (FDS; SDS; HDS; configuration specification)
  • Conducting qualification tests (DQ; IQ; OQ; PQ)

Benefits for the industry

  • Cleaning in the clean room results in the shortest possible routes and downtime of the systems
  • Cleaning in the clean room avoids costly ejection of the parts to be cleaned
  • Employees are not exposed to chemical vapors thanks to the closed system with extraction

Application examples pictures Medical Technology & Pharma

Orthopedic implants
Dental implants
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