Semiconductor & Electronics

Wet chemical processes are omnipresent in the semiconductor and electronics industry and are indispensable. PACE-Tec offers equipment for wet chemical for wafer/ glass substrates. 

Possible applications of wafers & substrates:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Etching
  • Drying with IPA / hot air / HF ozone
  • Development of wafers
  • Stripping
  • Lift Off
  • Parts cleaning
PaceTec Halbleiter-und-Elektronik Applikationsbeispiel

Requirements in the industry

  • SECS Gem connection
  • FM4910 compatible material required
  • Different wafer sizes
  • Different wafer thicknesses
  • Adaptation to the existing certified process
  • Evaluation of new processes
  • Production in the clean room with the individual requirements
Wafer Frontal

Benefits for the industry

  • Different wafer sizes/thicknesses possible
  • No recertification necessary
  • Individual adaptation to the previous production process at customer site

Application examples pictures semiconductor & electronics

PaceTec Wafer Applikation 1
PaceTec Wafer Applikation 2
PaceTec Wafer Applikation 3
PaceTec Wafer Applikation 4
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